Hey Bookworms, How are you all?… This month was hella roller coaster for me, too many things happened which left me just stunned and it took me weeks to absorb everything…These were good things but new and I got to know that I wasn’t ready 😀 Continue reading



Hey Bookworms, How are you all?, I was on fire when this year started and now I am deep in a reading slump haven’t read much in last one week, Sill I am satisfied with what I have read so far. Continue reading

December+2018 Wrapup

Hey everyone 🙂 How are you?
Another year ends and another yearly wrap-up. My 2018 was high and low, I left my job and decide to get masters degree…So here  I am done with the first semester and I can’t believe that I have 920+ followers right now, I never expected this much support from this community Thank you so much, everyone 😍 Continue reading