It All Comes Back to You-Book Review

55577204._SY475_After Kiran Noorani’s mom died, Kiran vowed to keep her dad and sister, Amira, close. Then out of the blue, Amira announces that she’s dating someone and might move cross-country with him. Kiran is thrown.

Deen Malik is thrilled that his older brother, Faisal, has found a great girlfriend, even if it’s getting serious quickly. Maybe now their parents’ focus will shift off Deen, who feels intense pressure to be the perfect son.

When Deen and Kiran come fact to face, they silently agree to keep their past a secret. Four years ago–before Amira and Faisal met–Kiran and Deen dated. But Deen ghosted Kiran with no explanation. Kiran will stop at nothing to find out what happened, and Deen will do anything, even if it means sabotaging his brother’s relationship, to keep her from reaching the truth. Though the chemistry between Kiran and Deen is undeniable, can either of them take down their walls?

It All Comes Back to You by Farah Naz Rishi

FIZAH (4)Pages: 432
Publishing Date: September 14th, 2021
Publisher: Quill Tree Books


Another bad Muslim Rep. I’ll ignore it for while and will talk about the story and character. Kiran and Deen dated for 3 years in secret. No one knew about it. One day out of nowhere Deen ghosted Kiran and his family moved away. Kiran was left wondering what she has done to deserve it. Her mother being sick, sister being away and Deen vanishing, altogether make her a different person who has severe trust issues. Kiran was looking forward to moving to a new place with her sister, for 3 years. She was planning to start college with her sister at her side. Amira had different plans and told Kiran that she had found someone and they both are planning a future together. But it is not enough that person turned out to be Deen’s brother. Kiran doesn’t trust Faisal and thinks he is also gonna dump her sister. She wants to save her sister. On the other side, Deen and Faisal have a few secrets and Deen thinks his brother deserves to be happy and Amira make him happy. Kiran and Deen are against each other and there was already bad blood.

That’s the whole story. Kiran acting like a saviour and Deen acting like he has to do everything. If you’ll remove the events due to miscommunication then this book will be only 70-80 pages long. I couldn’t relate to Deen, I got it from where Kiran was coming. Did I tell you Kiran and Deen are anonymously FRIENDS on an online game’s chat room? There wasn’t much about their relationship. Only details were conveyed through their text conversation which felt more like a friendly conversation. So it was hard to connect to them. There were a bunch of supportive characters but they felt more like fillers. The story was dragged so much and it annoyed me.

Now let’s talk about Muslim Rep

I don’t have any problem regarding Amira and Faisal dating as they were serious and wanted to get married. It was totally okay to understand each other.

On the other hand, Kiran and Deen were dating in the secret. Once it was mentioned they kissed behind the mosque. There was flirting in the mosque and the way a few Ayah were used made me so angry (if you know, you know).

There was an excessive amount of handshaking and hugging which is not cool.

Deen is such a bad example who drinks, who don’t pray and also don’t believe in God. On the positive side, he acknowledged that he is not a good Muslim.

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