The Last Guests-ARC Review

58269891In this thrilling new novel for fans of Megan Miranda, a wife finds herself racing for answers when the decision to rent out her family vacation home takes a deadly turn.

Newlyweds Lina and Cain don’t make it out to their vacation home on gorgeous Lake Tarawera as often as they’d like, so when Cain suggests they rent the property out on weekends, Lina reluctantly agrees. While the home has been special to her family for generations, their neighbors are all signing up to host renters, and frankly, she and Cain could use the extra money. What could go wrong? And at first, Lina is amazed at how quickly guests line up to spend a weekend–and at how much they’re willing to pay.

But both Lina and Cain have been keeping secrets, secrets that won’t be kept out by a new alarm system or a locked cupboard. When strange things begin happening on their property, and a visit takes a deadly turn, Lina becomes convinced that someone out there knows something they shouldn’t–and that when they come for her, there will be nowhere left to hide.

The Last Guests by J.P. Pomare

FIZAH (4)Pages: 336

Publishing Date: July 28th, 2021

Publisher: Hachette Australia


Thanks to Netgalley for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

First of all Lina and Cain aren’t new weds as is mentioned in the synopsis. They are married for 5 years. After reading the book, I found most of the synopsis so misleading. Cain got injured in a war and his army career ended with that injury. Lina works as an Ambulance operator. They both are broke after Cain’s medical and other expenditures. Both are trying to meet the ends with minimum success. Axel and Claire are their friends and suggested they start renting their lake house on weekends. Lina is reluctant to rent her family house to perfect strangers but it is easy money and they need it.

This has to be one of the most confusing yet senseless books I’ve read. It started with the bang and I was totally hooked but it didn’t last long. I started to lose interest hardly after 3-4 chapters. I even considered DNFing it. I didn’t like the writing style at all, it wasn’t engaging a bit. The characters were so annoying and one dimensional that made it so hard to feel for any of them. I also couldn’t understand the reasons behind their senseless actions. After reading so many mysteries, I can say even the police was acting so weird in this book. It felt like the author was trying to overcomplicate things but in the end, nothing worked. All of the twists and turns were so dull and the overall mystery wasn’t a good one. One can easily predict the ending with minimum struggle.

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