Phone For the Fish Knives-ARC Review

58325728._SY475_The Todes are back, and they’re taking on Hollywood . . .

When Hollywood wants to do a remake of the film that made Tode Hall famous, India and Egbert are delighted. They envisage a summer of free money and star-studded dinner parties ahead . . .

But the Hall is soon overrun by wardrobe trucks and catering tents, and lusty, insecure actors squabbling about nudity clauses. When the movie’s producers threaten to sue over the exact colour of Tode Hall’s rolling lawns, India and Egbert realise that having a film crew on their doorstep isn’t such a breeze after all. With so many egos in one place things were bound to end badly, but no one would have predicted quite so literal a backstabbing.

Phone For the Fish Knives by Daisy Waugh 

FIZAH (4)Pages: 304

Publishing Date: June 17th, 2021

Publisher: Piatkus


Thanks to Netgalley for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Egbert is the heir of Tode Halls and lived happily with her wife India and children. They have allowed using Tode Halls for remaking of a novel based film. They are happy to get half a million and a chance to communicate with two Oscar-winning stars who are working in the movie. India wants to show off her GIANT home and impress the film crew especially Oscar stars, for which she has arranged a dinner. Rapunzel piece who is the sole owner of the copyrights of the novel along with her son is also in Tode Hall while shooting is done. So many people are attending the dinner including Oliver, Alice, her triplets, Ecgbert and his sister. But dinner isn’t what India had planned, it ended up on bad terms and the same night someone died.

I liked the world-building and character development. There were so many characters but their unique development made it easy to remember all of them. The author tried to cover so many issues that it stopped feeling like a mystery. I was expecting a really good mystery but it wasn’t. The ending felt so rushed and we didn’t get to know the details of the killer. I really wanted to know Killer’s POV. The ending was abrupt which means all the side stories ended up so roughly. There were so many loose strings which made me annoyed. It could have been better but…

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