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3d coverArden Thatcher wasn’t meant to be chosen.

But when her name is announced, she’s presented with something she never thought she’d have: a future away from her abuser. Shuttled off to attend the prestigious National Women’s Institute, Arden will receive Nordania’s highest honor, studying with other elite candidates to become leaders, diplomats, and ambassadors on the world stage.

Only, the institute’s not quite what she expected. Paraded around in gown after gown, the tests seem less about educating and more about a different competition, with a very specific prize at stake—the Nordanian Prime Minister’s son. Despite the dean’s protestations that angling for an engagement leads to expulsion, Arden sees the truth. There’s a secret bubbling beneath the institute’s refined surface, and those who refuse to play along may well wind up dead.

With the danger escalating, and the return of her abuser on the horizon, Arden’s shiny future becomes a gilded cage. And this time, she’s going to need powerful allies to escape.

Political intrigue, swoon-worthy romance, and a dash of dystopian flare, But for the Mountains begs the question, how do you change the world when you’re not allowed to try?

But For The Mountains by Erin Riha



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Pages: 319

Publishing Date: June 3rd, 2020

Publisher: REUTS Publications


Thank you Favourite Pages Book Club for giving me this opportunity to be host of this blog tour.

But for the mountains reminded of The Selection series but darker. Every year National Women’s Institute of Nordania selects a few girls so they’ll assign to the high positions and help the country. Parents or Benefactors train their girls and nominate them. The girls who are not selected are just unchosen they don’t have any future.

Arden was never trained for it, she is just a girl who works in her benefactor home. She is a victim of sexual assault. She is nominated by his benefactor’s so she’ll fall in the unchosen category and also in his lap.

But National Women’s Institute of Nordania is really what everyone thinks of it?. So much politics and dark secrets are involved in it.Map
I love the world-building, the pace was perfect. We rarely get to read Standalone nowadays, I was scared how Erin will manage to the windup story in a single book. I am glad she did it perfectly.

I really liked the character of Arden, the way she is handled her past and tackled the situation, It was so easy to relate to her character. She was desperate to be free but not stupid to do anything.

Declan’s character was kinda confused which makes sense, he is a perfect example of those handsome prince who is tied with responsibilities and expectations. I told ya this book reminded me of Selection so take the hint.

I don’t like pirates generally, Now I realized it is not them, It is ship life, their crews and lifestyle which make it hard for me to like them. I liked Beck when he was on land, he is different and dark and got the swagger which makes him likeable. He is bold and blunt. I wish if we get to know more about him.

I really hate CJ’s character but impressed by the way the author wrote him. You can’t assume by looking at a person how he /she is. The facade can be deceiving.

The things I didn’t like was objectifying women, the way CJ talks about Arden and other girls. I was like can you please just die. The description of dresses and makeover didn’t work for me, I couldn’t imagine them properly.

My favourite thing about this book is the way Erin highlighted sexual assault, how it changed Arden’s life and her emotions. I loved it.

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Erin Riha writes young adult fantasy novels about ambitious girls who don’t know they’re not supposed to exceed expectations. She has an undergraduate degree in Political Science, a Law Degree, and a deep reverence for the power of using exactly the right word in exactly the right moment. She lives in wonderfully weird Portland, Oregon, with her super dreamy husband, where they’re raising a future train engineer and a future chicken whisperer. When not writing, she’s a music director for a teen theater company, traveling the world, or dreaming of traveling the world.

​Her debut novel, BUT FOR THE MOUNTAINS, was published by REUTS Publications June 2, 2020.

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