The Best of Friends-eARC Review

52149789An unthinkable tragedy forever changes a group of teens and turns family against family in this edge-of-your-seat thriller that begs to be read in one sitting.

Best friends Lindsey, Kendra, and Dani endure every parent’s nightmare when a tragic accident befalls their teenage boys, leaving one dead, another in a coma, and a third too traumatized to speak.

Reeling from the worst night of their lives, the three mothers plunge into a desperate investigation of the bizarre incident. How could something so horrible happen in their wealthy Southern California suburb?

They soon discover that the accident was just the beginning, and troubling discoveries lead to chilling questions: Do they really know their children? Do they even know each other? As more secrets surface, a fog of doubt and suspicion threatens to poison their families, their friendships, and the whole community.

With the illusion of happiness and safety long gone, these women must now confront the hazards of heartbreak, the consequences of jealousy, and the dangers of living double lives.

The Best of Friends by Lucinda Berry 


Author: Lucinda Berry

Pages: 281

Publishing Date: August 18th, 2020

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer


Thanks to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for this review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Kendra, Lindsey and Dani are best friends from childhood, their husbands are also on good terms. They were more than happy when their 3 elder boys Sawyer, Jacob and Caleb also choose that path…But on one sleepover some tragedy occurred. Sawyer is dead, Jacob is in comma and Caleb is too traumatized to speak a single word.

The book is told from all 3 mother’s POV, It was hard to get all of the relations and stories first. I am glad that all 3 POV sounds different and all the mothers had unique personalities which made it easy to keep tab son characters. Kendra is that cool Mom with whom children share everything. Lindsey is proud herself to be perfect Mom who does everything according to the textbook. Dani is living in an abusive wedding, she is kinda shattered Mom.

I liked the structure of the story, the author took her sweet time to build all the characters. Even in the end, I was learning something new about each one. Dani’s POV was my favourite, she had a lot to offer.

I guessed a few things so it wasn’t that well-kept mystery. But there were a couple of things which were hidden so well that even author didn’t bother to tell us, like what happened at that high school of night. Why Paul and Dani’s friendship was mentioned when it didn’t play any role, I was expecting these both to be connected in some way but turned out to be dead ends.

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