Madilla: the Spirit of U’Katang-Book Review

Madilla: the Spirit of U'Katang

From her very first touch of the piano keys, Madilla feels a strange tingle of energy running through her fingers. In defiance of the customs of her people, she connects through the spirit of her music with a wild mountain sparrow that shows her the freedom of wings and an endless blue sky.

Her piano becomes Madilla’s only escape from the violent atrocities of an isolated and forgotten mountain village, poisoned by centuries of military occupation. But her family has no escape. Tormented by lust and hatred, her uncle succumbs to the ways of the soldiers, igniting an even greater evil lurking within his spirit.

Recognising the confusion of her Mama’s unshakable beliefs, Madilla searches for her own truth. What she learns is that the magic she feels through her piano is only the beginning.

Madilla: the Spirit of U’Katang by Ian B. Boyd

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Author: Ian B. Boyd

Pages: 303

Publishing Date: March 14th,2018


I was approached by the author of this book, who gave me a paperback in exchange for a review.

I devour this book in 2 readings…The writing was beautiful and the way author build this world it was so easy to get lost in it…Though I didn’t like the world. Where men treat women so badly and Ram soldiers treat them cruelly.

The first half of the book is so original, everything was there in balance, the family, friends, hardship of life, beliefs, tradition but nothing was overwhelming.

The second half of the book didn’t impress me that much, I found MC too irritating and annoying, I wish if she could just hold her tongue.

Magic in this book is so different from the other books I’ve read, but that wasn’t for me.

I love Madilla’s relationship with piano, her escape from the real world, is defined beautifully.

What is wrong with a goat? why everyone keeps calling each other silly goat or old goat?

Overall I enjoyed the book and maybe I’d like it more if I’d read it a few years back 🙂

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